UN 1910

Calculate Points and High Consequence Dangerous Goods Points:
HCDG (1.10):
NO orange plates
Table A View
UN No. 1910
NAME and description Calcium oxide
Class 8
Classification code C6
Packing group
Special provisions
Limited quantities
Excepted quantities
Packing instructions
Special packing provisions
Mixed packing provisions
Portable tanks and bulk containers instructions
Portable tanks and bulk containers special provisions
ADR tank code
ADR tank special provisions
Vehicle for tank carriage
Transport category (Tunnel restriction code)
Special provisions for carriage - packages
Special provisions for carriage - bulk
Special provisions for carriage - loading, unloading and handling
Special provisions for carriage - operation
Hazard identification No.
Simplified View
Carriage restrictions NOT SUBJECT TO ADR
UN No. 1910
NAME and description Calcium oxide
Techical name (SP 274, 318, 61, 220)
Alternative PSN
Class 8
Classification code C6
Packing group
Limited quantities (3.4)
Excepted quantities limit (3.5) Trans. category Limit Multiplier
HCDG limit - packages (1.10)
HCDG limit - bulk (1.10)
HCDG limit - tanks (1.10)
Tunnel restriction code (8.6)
Passage forbidden through tunnels of category
Passage allowed through tunnels of category
Eurotunnel restrictions No restriction
Hazard identification No.
Hazard identification No. Meaning (
Food Precautions (7.5.4; CV28)
Supervision of vehicles (8.5)
Max Quantity per transport unit (CV3, CV15)
Classification Code meaning (2.2.x) Corrosive substances, basic substances:Inorganic, solid
Additional (selected) remarks (3.3)
Mixed loading restrictions (7.5.2)
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